What is a Stretch Experience?

As an integral part of the PLLC curriculum, scholars have been given the opportunity to undertake what we like to call a “Stretch Experience.” It’s an intensive 200 hours of leadership activity that puts into practice their leadership skills, as well as taking them outside their comfort zones in order to place them in an environment that matches with their personal career goals.

From Canada, to Japan, to Taiwan and Belgrade, PLLC scholars have incredible stories to share. This coming summer, our newest cohort of scholars will be embarking on their latest journeys across the globe as a part of their individual Stretch Experiences.

Award-Winning Projects

star certificate in PLLC colours

We appreciate the donor support that makes these projects possible. Each year, one student is awarded the $5,000 Tavender Award to pursue their work beyond the Stretch Experience window. Read about our 2017 winner’s project on inclusive education and the 2018 winner’s journey advocating for menstrual health.

Where will leadership take you?

Develop your leadership skills with PLLC’s interdisciplinary embedded certificate!  Students in an undergraduate degree with more than 24 credits and in satisfactory academic standing are eligible to apply. Applications will be accepted again in Fall 2019.

Where will leadership take you? Interdisciplinary leadership certificate. Apply now.