For my stretch experience I would like to promote LGBTQ+ inclusive safe spaces in senior care facilities in Camrose Alberta. In the LGBTQ+ community there is a gap of resources for senior citizens and because of this, when they move into care facilities they may face harassment from staff or other residents and re-closeting, among other factors that negatively impact their physical and mental health. Therefore, my goal is to accumulate previous research from places like Saskatoon and Vancouver’s pride centres and synthesize the information into a practical toolkit or program to be implemented in Camrose, which has a large elderly population. The toolkit would be aimed at the health care workers in Camrose’s several care facilities to educate those who work with the residents. I think it is important to have this kind of training, not only in large cities, but also in rural communities such as Camrose, because citizens should be able to feel at home where they have grown up or chosen to live. I envision senior care facilities that an LGBTQ+ individual can feel safe and comfortable in, come the time when they need the assisted living. For my project, I will focus on education and visible safe spaces in Camrose Senior care facilities.

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