The Personal Enterprise

–Martin Ferguson-Pell, Vice-Principal, Peter Lougheed Leadership College, University of Alberta, Edmonton I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to welcome you to our Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) Stretch Experience Blog.  I am Martin Ferguson-Pell, Vice Principal of PLLC. Over the last 6 months I have had intense conversations with our scholars as they have […]

Smiling Mattias poses outside of an Emergency Centre entrance wearing an Alberta Help Services volunteer badge.

Studying and Improving Workplace Culture at a Non-Profit Organization

By Mattias Neset What did your Stretch Experience involve? In my Stretch Experience, I worked on the internal and external culture of Policywise⏤a non-profit organization⏤to help improve productivity and employee motivation, in turn helping to improve services provided to the community at large. I practiced my leadership and learned valuable skills through various projects, including […]

Engaging difference: Where East Africa meets Canada

By Salma Ibrahim Since her much-anticipated online, feature-length publication is not yet released to the public, she shares her latest report here, depicted in a cartoon format that aligns with the project’s creativity. We hope to share the final project when it’s published! Salma’s Stretch Experience was a creative writing endeavour dedicated to engaging difference. […]

Adam sits at a desk with two screens displaying code in a brightly lit, tidy room.

Using AI to try to detect COVID-19 and improve livestock monitoring

By Adam Czarnecki What did your Stretch Experience involve? I worked with Alpha Phenomics, a local company developing livestock monitoring technologies, for my Stretch Experience. The project that they were working on was a system to track individuals in a certain population and accurately predict if they have a virus based on various biometrics. The […]

creative silhouette of a shadowed boardroom with a speaker and people sitting in front of them

Using Interim Leadership to Navigate the Uncertainties of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo derived from MIT Sloan Management Review. By Nicholas Vankka When the state of uncertainty had become far too certain, I, like many, came into the summer of 2020 with no clear vision of what the next four months would look like. My initial Stretch Experience proposals were canceled due to obstacles related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, […]

Maite gestures while being filmed in front of a white background and behind production lights

Leadership Transition in Times of COVID-19

By Maite G. Latorre The importance of leadership transition was never top of mind for me, even after participating in a variety of organizations, clubs and committees that have gone through changes in leadership. But when I started my Stretch Experience with Halford Consulting Inc., a specialized leadership transition organization, the projects I worked on required me to […]

What’s in a Bone?

What’s in a bone? You, your friends, and your dog are walking along the river valley. It is a nice sunny day; the birds are chirping the trails are full of adventurers but wait… your dog seems to be coming out of the bushes with something that looks like well it looks like a human […]

A brief visit to the big pond in governance

For many students, and people in general, the institutions that govern so much of our lives can be very confusing, distant, and opaque. My Stretch Experience, as the Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative for the University of Alberta, has helped me to understand how board governance works, and why boards make the decisions they do, […]

Resistance as a form of Survival

Imagine being kicked out of your home. Not by your parents but by soldiers, soldiers who have been trained to see you as the enemy – as the unwanted ones. By a government that does not recognize your existence as a human being but only as capital gain.  Imagine being forced to flee your home […]

When I say Discover you say…

E! To the curious audience reading this post, hello! My name is Davina, and I am a neuroscience major in the faculty of science. This past summer I had the opportunity to lead summer camps through DiscoverE as part of my stretch experience. DiscoverE is a non-profit that provides fun and engaging STEM programming to […]