Day 4 *May the 4th be with You :)

So far, so good. Technical issues have been resolved and I am just about ready to present, not as an expert mind you, but as an enthusiast for the genre known as: Steampunk. My to do list is long for the moment but I am keen. I find that where there is passion there is a hidden reserve for motivation. This cache of mine is being tapped into as last weekend I was full-on volunteering for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. It was quite the event that had me somewhat overwhelmed in respect to the numbers of people there as consumers as well as those producing. The ideas, the excitement and THE COSTUMES were all so extremely neat that I would have a hard time choosing what my favourite portion of my time spent at the Stampede Grounds was, except maybe for my budding notion of belonging.

I am not certain I knew before the kind of affinity for Star Wars, Star Trek (The Next Generation please & thank you), Marvel’s Superheros as well as Cosplay in general that I am the proud owner of. I think dressing up in costume and playing (Cos-play) is without a doubt an all-ages activity that when embraced creates an atmosphere of lighthearted fanciful fun. I am glad I went; I saw and I partook in a celebration that is continuing to grow just as much as I too am growing older but, by surrounding myself with those who are just as eager as me to keep young, my attendance is guaranteed to be on going.

Steampunkers were there in abundance which gave me a whole new appreciation for how popular the juxtaposition of victorian lace meets sci-fi has become. My fascination will hopefully be conveyed with ease in a couple of days when I will be at the front of the room helping the fine citizens of Camrose brainstorm as to what will make their outfits stand out from the crowd.

I shall sign off for now but not for long, Christie.

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