It’s happening!!

sat workshop selfie

Above is a link to take you to the article written in the local newspaper, Camrose Canadian, highlighting the genre of Steampunk and advertising for the workshops I’ve been hard at work preparing for. Arts Director Jane Cherry & I (as per selfie taken) had our first workshop on Saturday and although attendance was nominal, it was a great first step in generating (haha – pun intended!) enthusiasm for the upcoming party. As part of the annual Jaywalkers Jamboree where Main Street is closed to traffic and allows for carnival and vendors to take over, the Bailey Theatre (a fantastically renovated historical 100 year-old building — the oldest remaining vaudeville theatre in Alberta) has been booked and is just the right venue for Camrose’s fledgling Steampunk community to gather. It is to be made quite clear though that not everyone needs to dress up. The more the merrier of course and upon arrival, without a doubt there will be some who’ll be wishing they had put on some frilly lace and decked out their hands in cut-off leather gloves. Perhaps even pasted gears on their boots as well as donned a top hat furnished w/goggles.

It’s going to be great fun!! Tonight is the 2nd and last workshop we will be hosting to brainstorm ideas for costumes as well as a general overview of what this new and upcoming movement of sorts is all about. By re-reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (a Jules Verne classic), I am appreciating even more the leadership style of submarine ship Captain Nemo. He believed in himself and wasn’t inclined to be content following others. His knack for gadgetry and engineering prowess meant that he was ahead of his time, yet his love for beauty remained astoundingly evident with the see-through panels giving way to viewing the ocean’s marvels as well as his own personal library containing a multitude of treasures. I must desist at holding others against their will. For any ship I am on, I want all parties to be welcomed with informed consent. Both above and below sea level 🙂

Speaking of feeling welcome, I consider Camrose to be a treasure here in East Central Alberta. Having been born & raised in Calgary, it was hard to consider this city anything other than a small town. I have since come to be a proud Camrosian and am delighted to be a part of an event that will no doubt rival those being held in either Edmonton or Calgary. We have invited both big city groups to join us and are hopeful that we can ignite an ongoing interest in attending future functions here betwixt the others. Feel free to find us on Facebook: Camrose Steampunk Group.

Most sincerely, Christie.

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