Up & Still Running

Hello there and Welcome Back to my world of fun-filled pressure 🙂 The second Steampunk costuming workshop went off without a hitch and in fact was quite fun, dare I say even a little lively. We had a number of people in attendance and so the flow of conversation seemed easier. In spite of there being an expert in the audience that evening who is in the process of writing a book on the genre of Steampunk (“steam pressure” anyone?!?! – hehe), I found that having a larger group to work with and generate enthusiasm just flowed more naturally. In hindsight it was nice having those two dynamics be different enough for me to reflect, compare and come to the conclusion I’ve just shared.steampunk workshop 2

Ah ha, so then, speaking of comparisons… holding my first audition for volunteers to attend and sign up in order to be on stage with me on Canada Day did not go quite as expected. As a matter o’fact, no one showed. Albeit it is true that weather was super crummy that night and there were other things going on in town as there usually is in this deceptively not sleepy city, I left a little surprised. There are many actors here as the numerous production companies would lead me to believe and so before I toddled home I sent an email to our local radio station. There is a DJ who is happy to help support local community events and his awesome reply that he would get on the horn and see what he could do for me was like balm. Apparently the numerous posters I’ve been putting up all over town haven’t been doing quite the trick I had hoped. I have since included an ad in the local daily paper *fingers crossed that there will be more willing actors!!

I am happy to report I have since held another audition and have had a super eager young gal offer to give me a hand. I am determined the show will be a hit.

In the meantime and throughout the next month, the additional workshops I am preparing to host at the local Centennial Museum have now been officially advertised in the Camrose Canadian paper (along with posters also posted yet my suspicion is peaked that this is not the best way to advertise local events). It’s been fantastic having Josh Aldrich, Camrose’s leading news reporter be as supportive as he’s been. I shall add his article onto this posting (below) as well as another article that has been written thanks to the City of Camrose’s Arts Director Jane Cherry-Lemire’s passion to get Camrose Steampunk’d. She’s been a great catalyst as to why I am doing what I am doing and having such a great time doing it. Thanks Jane!!



Above link leads to an article written regarding the Steampunk workshop held on May 6th – you just need to scroll down a ways *enjoy!!

Written by yours truly, Christie Mason


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