The Show Will Go On

Well alrighty then, I sit here during the last few minutes of my last public audition being held for the lovely citizens of Camrose to sign up and volunteer. I have asked folk to participate in my tableaux timeline that is planned for Canada Day. Turns out I have been graced with a total of two people willing to partake. As the title of this evening’s post suggests, I shall make it work. The keenness I felt from Ali & Ian was infectious. The script will be awesome, the scenes will fly and by golly gee we will bring entertainment as well as education to the masses on July 1st!!!

So far we have one additional show lined up in one of the local senior’s lodges with hopes of more to come. It’s a grand adventure I am on, fraught with high expectations and strong tides, no wait, strong winds… Camrose was just about blown away the other day with 100km/hr gusts.

Wish us luck and may the Force be with All.

In the meantime, there’s a grand party scheduled that I will have taken my own costuming advice and be dressed appropriately for. It is historical in a whimsical sense, a Victorian meets Johnny Depp playing Captain Jack Sparrow meets Jules Verne kind-of way. I’ve been asked to be a judge for the evening’s events which excites me. I reckon we shall all have a grand ol’ time bebopping to the tunes of Punch Drunk Cabaret.

Until next time, yours truly,

Christie Mason

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