A Journey Across Canada in Palliative Care (Day 1) Abigail Bridarolli

Today marks day one of my Stretch Experience. For the next four weeks I will be making my way across Canada via train with the intent to explore two aspects of leadership in palliative care in Canada, that being:

  • What do current and future 20269931_1366783400096603_1973396781_nleaders need to know in order to effectively navigate the care of the seriously ill and dying?
  • How does the expansiveness of Canada affect our delivery of palliative care?

The hope of this stretch experience is to provide insight into a largely overlooked part of our healthcare system and challenge current models of leadership in healthcare.

From a personal side, this is a unique journey and will be my first time traveling for so long by myself. I hope that the insights and stories shared here will be both educational and entertaining.


Stay tuned


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