Health Care Intern in Washington D.C.

Kevin Ma

It was almost comical how fast things change in Washington. As an intern at a public health and advocacy foundation in Washington D.C, I had a front row seat into the inner workings of Washington D.C from the so called “Washington talk” to hearing Democrats at congressional hearings insult a Republican colleague sitting right beside her. Yes, ranking member Murphy, I am talking about you. To give you an example of how fast things change, it was only last week when I was assigned a project analysing the impact of the Better Care and Reconciliation Act on people with chronic illnesses. A few hours later, the bill was dead when Senator Susan Collins, Rand Paul, and a few other senators came out in opposition of the bill. Later on, I was assigned a project comparing the different Congressional Budget Office scores between the 2016 and 2017 attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Again, Senators from Maine, West Virginia, and a few others came out against the repeal efforts and the legislation was dead. It eventually got to a point where traditional news outlets became too slow for me; I had to rely instead on tweets by people with links to Congress to obtain more timely information. Long story short, it is truly a consequential period here in D.C. and good luck to Republicans in the 2020 midterm election; they have so many accomplishments to brag about.




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