The Life of a Research Student

This summer has thrown some curve balls for sure, but I dont regret any of the moments that brought me to where I am. Becoming a research student first meant moving to a part of the country I had never been to submerge myself into my work. While I was incredibly unprepared, the people I had the pleasure of interviewing/meeting changed the way I viewed oil and gas. Morever, I must say, I’m thrilled that I have learned many skills along the way. Have you ever seen someone transcribe? What took 45 minutes to record took me 10 hours to transcribe! Maybe I’m just a slow poke. Additionally, I have had to look in some unique places to find more information and fact check. Honestly, this experience has helped me grow as an individual, as cliche as that sounds. I was incredibly sceptical of the stretch experience, I was afraid my idea wouldnt be good enough, but my experience helped me build on so many skills I had learned from my first year of PLLC. I know I had a life changing and unforgettable summer, what about you? Have you been stretched?


-Helaynea MooreIMG_20170530_131451_712.jpg

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