The Alberta Hate Crimes Committee

Resources exist for Albertans who are passionate about combatting hate, misinformation, and discrimination online and in their communities. One such resource is the Alberta Hate Crime Committee.

“The Hate Motivated Crime and Incidents Provincial Strategy Committee was formed in 2002 to develop a province-wide framework that encourages and supports a collaborative, integrated approach to preventing, enforcing and responding to hate and bias motivated activities in Alberta.” Now known as the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee, this non-profit provides a toolkit on preventing and addressing hate in your community, offers workshops on how to prevent and address hate crimes, works with legislative bodies and community members, hosts anti-hate events, and provides resources and statistics dealing with hate crimes in Alberta.

The Alberta Hate Crime Committee toolkit details topics such as definitions of hate crime, preparing a hate crime strategy, reporting hate crime, hosting anti-hate events, samples of how to write a news report, letter to the editor, and letter of support concerning hate crimes (to name a few), and mobilizing communities. The toolkit can be found at

The goals and objectives of the AHCC include:

  • Promoting awareness about issues related to hate crimes and incidents.
  • Addressing the needs of victims of hate crimes and incidents.
  • Enhancing government and community responses to hate crimes and incidents.

The AHCC is a great tool for expanding your knowledge of hate crimes and what can be done in your community. More about these goals can be found at

I have found this to be a useful resource in expanding my knowledge of hate crimes and hate activities. I have reached out to this organization to see if I speak with someone a little more about the work they do and what they have achieved in Alberta. I am looking forward to hearing their thoughts on combatting hate speech and discrimination online.


Caitlin Thompson

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