Show Me The Honey

Hello lovely people!

It’s August *screams*.


I definitely feel stretched (still screaming). I’ve really come to realize the power of saying “yeah, I can totally do this,” even when I have no clue what’s going on and I know that I’m going to have to do a bunch of googling later. Outward confidence, even if it’s not completely genuine, has earned me so many amazing opportunities this summer. I’ve had the privilege to share the knowledge I have developed since January with hundreds of people in various scenarios from elementary school classrooms to corporate safety meetings.

I can’t say that I’ve completely overcome my phobia of bees, but I’ve come to appreciate the value of understanding things I am afraid of. In this summer’s exploration and the numerous hours I’ve spent beekeeping under mentorship, I’ve developed a genuine passion for bees! Why?  Well because they have some pretty ideal character traits. Bees are excellent communicators, they are self-sacrificing, hard-working, nurturing, intelligent, and have what I would call a seamless model of teamwork. They come together to form a single top performing entity. One colony of honey bees can pollinate up to 50, 000 blossoms a day. Crazy right?

It’s human nature to dismiss or ignore “future problems”. We don’t see the catastrophoc consequences of a world without bees, so we aren’t seriously putting our back into protecting them. It’s easy to kill bugs. They aren’t particularly cute or friendly and they don’t exhibit a whole lot of human traits we can relate to (unless you look carefully). However, without bees, approximately 80% of flowering plantsand three quarters of food crops will disappear. Everything has a job to do, no matter how seemingly insignificant or under-recognized.

So this summer, I have been reading up on a lot of books and research, talking to beekeepers, pest control companies, and other related experts about global falling bee populations. I have been learning the basics of urban beekeeping by taking local courses, attending talks, and learning hands on under the mentorship of YEGBees. I’ve tried to condense the takeaways from this information, making them interesting and accessible to my target audience and emphasizing how every person can make a difference.

IMG_0377 2.JPG

In addition to this, I have been attending and participating in many events over the summer dealing in agricultural practices and urban beekeeping. At these events, I have been networking with community members interested in urban beekeeping and pollinator friendly gardening.

I have also been active on social media (mainly Instagram: my own being @showmethe_honey and starting/running YEGBees Instagram @yeg_bees), documenting my experience and promoting tips, facts, and DIYs on how members of our community can make a positive impact.


I am looking forward to National Honey Bee Day (August 19th), where I will be participating in the St. Albert Farmers Markets Honey Day.

For more information on this:


Devon Roch

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