What We’re About

The Peter Lougheed Leadership College Stretch Experience attempts to move beyond the bounds of textbook learning. That’s because our mentors understand that being a leader involves hands on, self-driven approaches–the kinds that our scholars want to be doing for themselves.

PLLP, Banff Centre, 2016

That’s why PLLC scholars create projects and spend 200 hours over the summer months driving their own initiative. Stretch Experiences must meet three criteria:

  • Will stretch students beyond their “comfort zones”
  • Will bring significant social benefit to the community in which students are involved
  • Will allow students to practice the leadership skills they learn in Year 1

Thank you for reading our stories and for sharing our interest in improving our communities.


The stretch experience was not just about seeing how I could ‘change the world’—it is a personal learning journey and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fully engage my future.”

Kaitlyn Walcheske, Faculty of Secondary Education, 2017-2019 Scholar


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