Parity and Politics

Hello PLLC blog readers!

My name is Amanda McIvor and I am currently a first (and a half?) year scholar with the Peter Lougheed Leadership College.

Throughout this past year, as part of the college, there were two main things that I learnt rather quickly about myself.

  1. I am not a super fantastic writer. Not terrible… but not great (I blame being in science and the multitude of MC tests I take as opposed to essay writing. Mind you, I am definitely not complaining about that).
  2. I know a pitiful amount about politics (a fact that became clear to me within mere days of joining the college. Honestly a lot of the time I had no idea what some of my more politically inclined forum members were talking about. Mind you, I still love them even when I don’t understand them).

So naturally, I am going to be in charge of writing a political blog this summer.

ParityYEG is a nonprofit organization with a mission to change culture by empowering women to take leadership roles in public service. Currently ParityYEG is in the start-up stage with its official launch scheduled for this coming September. One of their objectives is for 50% of the candidates for the spring 2019 provincial election to be women.

For my first blog post I am writing about how many of the currently nominated candidates for this election are female. I will further be supplementing this post with interviews conducted with someone alongside each of the parties about their attitude and process in gaining female candidates.

Spoiler: so far only 44 out of the current 160 candidates are female.

As I have yet to fully embark on my stretch journey I have little to provide in terms of multimedia elements at this point. That said, the ParityYEG site is set to launch at the end of June (linked here) along with a few blog posts written by yours truly. So definitely check it out!

I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to work alongside the amazing women behind this organization. I look forward to learning all that I can from them throughout the summer (plus wowing my forum with all of my political knowledge come September).

Wish me luck!

Amanda M

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