Perseverance and Steps Forward

My stretch experience began pretty smoothly. As part of my stretch experience, I attended classes with the Rapid-Fire Theatre Improv group, I started to read about leadership and self-improvement in books and began meeting with my verifier/career coach. I was ready to take the course work learned from the PLLC classes and expand upon it from multiple lenses.

Unfortunately, in the middle of May, my grandfather passed away. Throughout my life, my grandfather has been my greatest inspiration and had the character and leadership traits that I believe an individual should have. We were very close. His passing has also had immediate effects on my stretch experience because it had essentially stalled my stretch experience.

Leadership involves moving forward, to face the challenges that stand before you head on and attempt to overcome them. It entails that a leader has the emotional intelligence and decision-making abilities to persevere. Even in failure, a leader can still learn from the lessons an experience brings fourth. Although this has and will continue to be a very difficult period for me, the last thing my grandfather would want for me is to quit. He always strived to be the best he could be in everything he did in life and I intend to follow from his example.

At this time, I am slowly catching up on the learning material for a course about multimedia storytelling. As part of this course, I am tasked to experiment in telling my own multimedia stories while examining industry and content platforms that will help create my projects. The online course will focus on topics that include storytelling, social networks in the internet, learning about what makes a social network and strategies used for multimedia storytelling. It is uncharted territory for me, but I am eager to learn about this subject nonetheless.

The online course is not the only thing that will intensify in the coming weeks. I have booked a new appointment with my career coach, started my Transition to Career modules and have restarted my readings on leadership. The readings will cover topics related to leadership and setting an individual up for success. Once completed, I intend to make a short book review of each of them and reflect on whether the reading can be useful for an aspiring leader to read. The first book that I will be reading is titled “The Achievement Habit.” My career coach has also suggested career-focused books that I should consider including as part of my stretch experience.


Pictured above: Books I am or looking into reading.

If you have any suggestions on what books I should consider reading, please comment below. I am always looking for a good read.


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