Tunisia’s Hidden Potential.

Tunisia is definitely a beautiful place if you move away from the shore lines and head towards the urban areas. That’s where much of the history is located, and that’s where I went this summer. I came to Tunisia prepared to travel to the urban areas but to my surprise, there was more to be done. My aim was to  communicate with the people and my father to minimize costs by seeing who has the best options for hotels and car rentals. This portion will be discussed further in the video as I came to discover more options to minimize the costs as we took on those 5 days.

This trip taught me a lot on how people of different regions in Tunisia behave. The south tends to be more culturally driven, making them easier to approach them for guidance.

The trip was initially only 4 days but we decided on the last day to head to Djerba directly instead of having to make the effort to come back to it on another time. This unexpected change of events was not the best decision as we ended arriving to find the famous synagogue closed and then had to spend the night in the car while getting eaten by mosquitoes. Overall this taught me to stay with the original plan so that everything can go smoothly.

Aside from the trip, there were periods during my stay that I found difficult to go out, explore, and film the scenery. I thought that time was being wasted as, as I wasn’t collecting time toward 200 hours and footage, but after support from the stretch committee and doing the 5 day trip, I found that I had a lot of footage in my disposal. Now I am on track to finishing this project by the 24th of August. However, that was not my only challenge.

I came to realize how filming was heavily dependent on the technology at my disposal. Certain planned out shots were removed and edited as I attempted to use my limited knowledge and experience with my device.

And so, that covers basically all my the issues I’ve faced in these two months in this country.

From Charf Khalifa.



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