Navigating the Labyrinth of Law

While a lot of us at PLLC may not be familiar with the rising cost of litigation (understandably so given our young age), more and more Canadians are having difficulties gaining equal access to justice in non-criminal matters. For the most underprivileged of us in the community, this distinction is even more daunting, especially since they are more likely to need assistance navigating the complex and often confusing legal realm with rules and laws that they might not have heard of. 

For my Stretch Experience, I am currently assisting at the Edmonton Community Legal Centre, a non-profit law firm which takes pro-bono cases from low-income clients. Aside from doing general office work in the environment, I assist with destroying old client files as well as writing a report about the functions of other legal clinics in similarly-sized cities across North America. While some would consider my work incredibly tedious or boring, I have had an incredible volunteering and listening to incredible stories from some of our clients. Furthermore, I have gained a substantial appreciation for many issues that people of lower income face, such as problems making rent, unjust work environments by bosses who are likely to take advantage of their situation by unfairly decreasing their wages or abusing them, etc.

Overall, I have another month to go at this organization and I cannot believe that the Experience is already half over!

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