Discovering Opportunities for Local Businesses

May 17th, 2019 

Although only a few weeks into the summer, I have done some exciting work with my stretch experience thus far and have had the chance to do three different types of projects already. The variability that has come with my stretch experience is one thing that I have been enjoying the most. Every project has looked a little different and has allowed me to tackle different tasks. 

My first project was to create a blog post for a local retail company called Poppy Barley. Poppy Barley is a sustainable luxury leather shoe store that has its B Corp. certification. Poppy Barley sells ethically crafted shoes and is always looking for ways it can improve its sustainability goals. 

My second project was to create a proposal for the Old Strathcona Farmers Market. This project I helped to complete a customer analysis for the farmers market by writing the data mining section for the proposal. I researched the most successful farmers markets and looked at what different events and opportunities were being offered through their markets.

My most recent project was to survey for a convenience store company called Waypoint. I collected data from customers at two of their test locations. This data will be used to analyse Waypoint’s target demographic. One of the competitive advantages of Waypoint is that they support local vendors by selling their products in their convenience stores! 

The first few weeks of my stretch have gone well, and I am looking forward to working on different consulting projects and learning more about the opportunities for local businesses within Edmonton!

Erin Corbett

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