Investing Responsibly

Stretch Blog: Investing Responsibly

“Be your own boss.” Such statements are glamorized quite a bit in the world of business. With the stretch experience, I have received the opportunity to work independently for the first time and it made me realize “being my own boss” has been quite challenging for me, something I did not anticipate. Since childhood most of us have become accustomed to our education being dictated by a series of deadlines of assignments, exams etc. and the same pattern usually repeats itself in internships and work. This has made it difficult for me to be efficient while working independently and for the first few weeks I struggled quite a bit.

However, initially for the first few weeks I struggled a little with newly found independence for both decision-making and setting deadlines. With time I am getting better and it and the stretch project is getting more exciting.

What I am doing?

I am helping Prof. Lukas Roth in developing a Finance course related to Responsible Investment. This will include detailed emphasis on why it is important to consider ESG (environmental, social and governmental) factors while making investment decisions and how to do so quantitatively. In my opinion, it is important that Finance students are exposed to latter principles because through Finance a lot of positive impact can be achieved in our society. As a student, I am thrilled to be on opposite spectrum where I have the ability to develop a course. I am grateful to Prof. Roth for giving me the opportunity to lead case studies related to governance and train students on using Bloomberg software; the topics which I find very interesting. It has been an incredible learning opportunity so far and I am excited to see how the course turns out.

Isha Godara  

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