Increasing the Reach and Impact of YoungLeaders.World

Hi all! My name is Julianna Stern and I am working at YoungLeaders.World (YL.W) as the Communications and Business Development Intern for my Stretch Experience. YL.W is a non-profit organization in Edmonton that provides leadership training to youth through local and international summits and conferences. Officially founded in 2016, YL.W is now growing rapidly and looking for ways to become more sustainable. This is where I come in!

My work is summarized by two words: reach and impact. I help increase YL.W’s reach by updating and organizing its contact information for youth, teachers, and schools local to the Capital Region and around the world. To borrow a phrase from my supervisor, sorting this information is like untangling a ball of Christmas lights! Fortunately, I work with three fantastic high school interns who help me accomplish this task by contacting schools one by one. Having updated contact information will help YL.W engage more youth in Vision 2020 (check out the promo video below) and other future events and initiatives.

I also help increase the impact of YL.W by researching and applying for grants. Whether it’s for a big event or the organization’s day-to-day operations, YL.W needs funds to continue helping young people reach their potential. Generating funds from grants now will give the organization an opportunity to develop ways to self-generate funds in the future.

I hope my work with YL.W helps the organization continue to grow and reach more youth around the world!

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