Image uses the format of Instagram to show a class photo with the following comments: That's a wrap! From bonding over Harry Potter houses to deep convos about our biggest fears, INTD 301 felt more like a leadership development opportunity than a course. Reply is Name a more badass group of people. I'll wait. Final comment is Missing this already. Main tagline is Where will leadership take you?

Gain credits in leadership with our Arts electives! INT D 135 and 301 are open to UAlberta students, even those not in PLLC’s certificate program.

Foundations of Leadership (INT D 135)

This course uses various media genres to explore both dominant understandings of leadership as well as shifts in those understandings. Exploring film, stage, television, and video games, we will analyze the way that popular culture is both informed by, and informs, popular theories and public understanding of leadership. Situating content within its historical and sociopolitical context, we will analyze how various texts inform public understandings of what a leader looks like, how they should act, and what is at stake in following them.

No pre-requisites required for this class. See the next available section and enrol on Beartracks.

Foundations of Leadership (INT D 301)

What does it take to lead? Foundations of Leadership will cover the theory and practice of leadership through case studies, innovative assignments and experiential activities. Work alongside students from across campus to explore social issues through interdisciplinary knowledge.

We offer this class each Fall and Winter. Pre-requisite is completing ★24 credits (typically one year of post-secondary classes). See the next available section and enrol on Beartracks.

See what’s planned for the digital versions of this class in Dr. Stasia’s Getting Ready for Fall 2020 video on YouTube!

Leadership for Social Innovation (INT D 306)

Have you ever wondered what a wicked problem is? Are you interested in finding creative, ecological approaches to making a difference? Wondering where to start? In this course, you will explore the concept of wicked problems, and research socially innovative ideas to solve them using an approach called ecological leadership. You will hear from those who have been effective in turning a seed of an idea into an innovative solution. You will learn these skills: how to research an innovative idea, develop an effective proposal, and pitch that idea.  

INT D 306 is a co-requisite with INT D 301. Visit Beartracks for course availability.

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Program Components

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Program Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements to be considered for admission to the Peter Lougheed Leadership College and the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies:

  • Students must be current University of Alberta undergraduate students or transfer students who have been accepted into a degree program. After-degree students will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are only eligible for the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies with the permission of their faculty.
  • Normally have completed a minimum of ★24 credits toward their current degree.
  • While the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Studies GPA requirement is satisfactory academic standing, a competitive GPA to enter PLLC is 3.0.

It is important to seek advice from your advisor to ensure that the certificate can be completed within the constraints of your degree program. Please ensure that you meet with an advisor in your Faculty to determine if/how the PLLC courses and stretch experience might fit.

Visit our website for full details on the program and how to apply: