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Brain Buddies: My Summer 2021 Stretch Experience

By Julie Shatto This summer I’m excited to plan and execute an independent project for my Stretch Experience entitled “Brain Buddies”. Brain Buddies will be a community-based mental health initiative with the goals of providing accessible resources to Edmonton families and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. What was the inspiration for Brain Buddies? We […]

Marking 5+ Years of Stretch Experiences

Since 2015, PLLC scholars have practiced their leadership skills and “stretched” out of their comfort zones, pursuing projects that match their personal or professional goals and/or support a community in need. From archaeology digs in Thessaly, Greece to sustainability initiatives in Fez, Morocco, to urban beekeeping in Edmonton, these projects have contributed more than 64,000 […]

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Venture Healthcare Comes Full Circle

Stretch Experience Update: PLLC alumni and program founder hears success stories from participants It was Yasmin Rafiei’s own journey applying to medical school that got her thinking about the barriers some applicants face. While reviewing the myriad requirements typical of medical school applications – competitive Medical College Admission Test scores, paid employment, leadership experience, volunteer […]

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Challenging beauty with brains

By Geoff McMaster for Folio When Lan Truong entered a local beauty pageant during high school, nothing about it felt right. While the event was organized for charity-one Truong would rather not mention-the purpose of the contest for the girls themselves was never made clear. Points were awarded for spurious attributes such as social media […]

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Studying and Improving Workplace Culture at a Non-Profit Organization

By Mattias Neset What did your Stretch Experience involve? In my Stretch Experience, I worked on the internal and external culture of Policywise⏤a non-profit organization⏤to help improve productivity and employee motivation, in turn helping to improve services provided to the community at large. I practiced my leadership and learned valuable skills through various projects, including […]

Engaging difference: Where East Africa meets Canada

By Salma Ibrahim Since her much-anticipated online, feature-length publication is not yet released to the public, she shares her latest report here, depicted in a cartoon format that aligns with the project’s creativity. We hope to share the final project when it’s published! Salma’s Stretch Experience was a creative writing endeavour dedicated to engaging difference. […]

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Using AI to try to detect COVID-19 and improve livestock monitoring

By Adam Czarnecki What did your Stretch Experience involve? I worked with Alpha Phenomics, a local company developing livestock monitoring technologies, for my Stretch Experience. The project that they were working on was a system to track individuals in a certain population and accurately predict if they have a virus based on various biometrics. The […]

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Using Interim Leadership to Navigate the Uncertainties of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo derived from MIT Sloan Management Review. By Nicholas Vankka When the state of uncertainty had become far too certain, I, like many, came into the summer of 2020 with no clear vision of what the next four months would look like. My initial Stretch Experience proposals were canceled due to obstacles related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, […]

What We’re About

The Peter Lougheed Leadership College Stretch Experience attempts to move beyond the bounds of textbook learning. That’s because our mentors understand that being a leader involves hands on, self-driven approaches–the kinds that our scholars want to be doing for themselves. That’s why PLLC scholars create projects and spend 200 hours over the summer months driving their own […]