Discovering Dresden & Challenging my Character

The weeks leading up to my stretch experience were among the busiest and most stressful weeks of my life. In a sudden mood of adventure and curiosity, I decided to spend my summer in Germany to improve my language skills and gain some experience working in industry. It’s funny that during the school year, we’re […]

Preserving Cultural Heritage in Flagstaff County

Barn – Old English: Bern or Berern from bere which means “barley” + ern, ærn which means “house”. (“Online Etymology Dictionary”, n.d., para. 1).   Familiarity with the PLLC program and/or with barns may, at first, lead you to question what leadership skills a student can learn by cataloguing barns for their Stretch Experience. Indeed, you may struggle […]

Fixing Healthcare in Alberta… One unit at a time

It has been an extremely interesting month (where did that time go already) learning about how our healthcare system in Alberta works and where some improvements could be made. I am currently volunteering for Covenant Health, St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose, Alberta, consulting with the hospital by looking for ways to improve the care that is […]