What’s in a Bone?

What’s in a bone? You, your friends, and your dog are walking along the river valley. It is a nice sunny day; the birds are chirping the trails are full of adventurers but wait… your dog seems to be coming out of the bushes with something that looks like well it looks like a human […]

A brief visit to the big pond in governance

For many students, and people in general, the institutions that govern so much of our lives can be very confusing, distant, and opaque. My Stretch Experience, as the Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative for the University of Alberta, has helped me to understand how board governance works, and why boards make the decisions they do, […]

Resistance as a form of Survival

Imagine being kicked out of your home. Not by your parents but by soldiers, soldiers who have been trained to see you as the enemy – as the unwanted ones. By a government that does not recognize your existence as a human being but only as capital gain.  Imagine being forced to flee your home […]

When I say Discover you say…

E! To the curious audience reading this post, hello! My name is Davina, and I am a neuroscience major in the faculty of science. This past summer I had the opportunity to lead summer camps through DiscoverE as part of my stretch experience. DiscoverE is a non-profit that provides fun and engaging STEM programming to […]

Accessibility Period.

by: Nicole Sanchez Research suggests that menstrual hygiene products such as pads, tampons, and applicators have sales tax because they are considered “luxury items”. However, if you talk to any and every single female, they would not agree with this statement. A normal menstruation lasts about 5-7 days and occurs every single month. Imagine paying […]

Ameliorating the Overdose Crisis in Underserved Rural Communities in Alberta

In 2018, there were nearly 4500 opioid-related overdose deaths in Canada. This amounts to approximately 12 lives a day; more than twice the number of fatalities resulting from traffic collisions. However, the overdose epidemic is not merely an urban emergency in Canada. Although often overlooked, rural and Indigenous communities in Alberta have the highest rates […]