La vie à Grenoble: What could go wrong?

By: John Chmilar We have all heard about the student who went abroad for a semester and came back and tells stories about how it “totally changed their life”. It happens because of all the problems you face! The first thing I realized upon arriving in France is that my French is nowhere near as […]

Beyond Bones

By Joanna Pearce “The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone. The foot bone’s connected to the ….” Everyone knows the song, but you don’t often expect to have the chance to be faced with the real thing. “The distal phalanx is connected to the intermediate phalanx…” doesn’t have the same ring, but it certainly […]

Asking Difficult Questions

by Jo Dusome For far too long, survivors of sexual assault and harassment have felt shame or embarrassment in discussing their stories. I wanted to use my Stretch Experience to change the narrative we have created when it comes to talking about consent and what it means to be a survivor. I am using my […]

Methodology and Political Culture Measurement

Robert Bilak If you were around during the 2019 Alberta Election, you would know that there are many conflicting ideas about what it means to be an Albertan, as well as what Alberta should look like. Anyone who had the misfortune of looking at some of the unsolicited comments found on any Facebook post (despite […]

Unity through Empathy

By Jenna Mulji In April 2015, the Nepalese earthquake destroyed many homes, taking over 9,000 lives and injuring at least 22,000 people. Four years after, the repercussions of this earthquake are still felt, both within urban centres such as Kathmandu, as well as the rural areas, where government help is less accessible. Despite the trauma […]

Not-so-Final Frontier: What I’ve learned from space medicine.

Molly Henneberry If you’d told me in Grade 11 that part of my university career would involve talking to astronauts about my science projects, I likely would have laughed and gone back to reading about astrobiology and the researchers who were investigating the field. I remember wishing I could even have a brush with one […]

Increasing the Reach and Impact of YoungLeaders.World

Hi all! My name is Julianna Stern and I am working at YoungLeaders.World (YL.W) as the Communications and Business Development Intern for my Stretch Experience. YL.W is a non-profit organization in Edmonton that provides leadership training to youth through local and international summits and conferences. Officially founded in 2016, YL.W is now growing rapidly and […]