Stretching Too Thin: Failure in Leadership

Last year, when I helped to organize the November Mentor Leadership Panel titled Finding Balance in Leadership: Work and Wellness, I reached out of Giri Puligandla, the Director of Planning and Research at Homeward Trust Edmonton and a PLLC mentor. I distinctly remember his hesitancy to join the panel — in his words, “I’m not […]

Where is Alberta’s Mark Zuckerberg?

Before starting my Stretch Experience, I really romanticized how fun creating a tech startup would be. I had seen The Social Network and used Airbnb, so I think that I felt like I had a relatively OK understanding of the sector. As you might have guessed, I had a lot to learn. For my Stretch […]

Gender Parity in Grande Prairie: Why Working In My Home Town Is Important To Me

Xaverie’s Next Blog Peter Lougheed Leadership Scholar, Xaverie MacLennan, takes us through the process on how she came up with her Stretch Experience.  Growing up, I was blessed with good community, excellent neighbors, and many interesting opportunities. One such opportunity came in the form of a trip to Thailand, organized by the local youth group. […]

Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm

  Hello! Things have been pretty hectic this summer, but I thought it was about time I started sharing my stretch experience with you all. This summer I have been volunteering with Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm out in Bon Accord, Alberta. Mainly I have been involved with the Community Supported Agriculture program. What is […]

Preserving Cultural Heritage in Flagstaff County

Barn – Old English: Bern or Berern from bere which means “barley” + ern, ærn which means “house”. (“Online Etymology Dictionary”, n.d., para. 1).   Familiarity with the PLLC program and/or with barns may, at first, lead you to question what leadership skills a student can learn by cataloguing barns for their Stretch Experience. Indeed, you may struggle […]

Fixing Healthcare in Alberta… One unit at a time

It has been an extremely interesting month (where did that time go already) learning about how our healthcare system in Alberta works and where some improvements could be made. I am currently volunteering for Covenant Health, St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose, Alberta, consulting with the hospital by looking for ways to improve the care that is […]