Place 18: An Urban Planning Student Conference

By HAYLEY WASYLYCIA Conferences: they are a valuable and necessary resource for professionals to stay up to date on current practices, network, and do other professional-related things. But what about students? Student-targeted conferences are quite common nowadays, and operate much the same as professional targeted conferences, distinguished from the latter with lower rates, more student-targeted […]

Signing Abroad

By BRITTANY BOYKO  When I first explain to people that I know American Sign Language (ASL) I get a few different responses from individuals whom have little contact with the Deaf community; the one I receive most frequently is “So do you have a family member or a friend who is Deaf? To which I […]

Instrumental Gestures

My name is Colton Chacalias and I spent a portion of my summer in Belgrade Serbia. My girlfriend and I attended an Ethnographic Sensibility Field School to study, and experience, Serbian culture. 6 weeks was enough to make it feel like my second home. We lived with a host family, and quickly transformed from guests […]

The Peculiarity of Interviewing People about Winter in the middle of Summer

I knew going into this project that the most challenging part (the “stretchiest” part, if you will) of my Stretch Experience would likely be conducting interviews. So far, this hypothesis has been proved correct. Interviews are hard! I’ve been interviewing experts I deeply admire and respect but whom I also find intimidating, and there’s nothing […]