Selfless Service

By Mayank Pathak “Seva” is a word in Punjabi that means ‘Selfless Service’. It is a word that brings people together to become leaders in their communities by serving them. Serving the community as they are your family is a very important concept for the Indian, and more specifically the Punjabi culture. My name is […]

Addressing the historical lack of women in Dentistry

My name is Tasha, and I am a dental student at the University of Alberta. For my stretch, I have decided to work closer to home. As a dental student, I noticed that there is a lack of female mentorship due to the historical lack of women in the program. According to the ADEA, just […]

She said YES!

No…it’s not a wedding proposal.

No…it’s not Say Yes to the Dress.

But I’m willing to bet those fall along the same lines of the first thought that popped into your head when I quoted, “She said YES!”…but why?

Planting Seeds, to Grow Trees, In the Shade of Which We May Never Sit

By Katie MacLean What do you find at the intersection of youth leadership and service, mentorship and support, personal growth and development, and connection with some incredible humans? The Alberta Mentorship Program! The Alberta Mentorship Program (AMP) is a not-for-profit society in Alberta with the mission of connecting youth mentors aged 16-27 to provide peer-support, teaching assistance, […]

Concealed Vibrancy

Hello everyone, My name is Josh, I am a finance major at the University of Alberta and I spent my summer working at an organization called KidSport Edmonton. It started out as just another job to do, something that was interesting and unlike anything I had done before, but not something that I was particularly […]

Experiential Retail: The Shopping Centre’s Saving Grace

By JOEL TATLOW EDMONTON, AB-Ten years ago, shopping centres were considered the eminent North American social gathering place; the “new Main Streets of America”. The mall was originally conceived of as a community centre, in which a public could gather for shopping, cultural activity and social interaction in one singular location, and at the shopping […]