Are Suffering and Dignity Truly a Juxtaposition?

Although there are over seven billion people on this planet, each person is incredibly unique. However, as different as we are from each other, almost all humans have an innate longing for connection. Many individuals need human relationships to meet their full potential.  Nevertheless, when we label each other, especially as “in need”, or “vulnerable”, […]

A stepping stone towards relief

“The worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life” “There’s nothing else that feels like it” “Ouchhhhhhhhh” You probably know of someone who currently has kidney stones or has had them before, so these cries of pain may sound pretty familiar. In fact, over half a million individuals go to the emergency room each year […]

Rehab Stretching

Prelude: Stairway to Nowhere To kick off my stretch, I had the pleasure of working with an 8-year-old boy who has grown up with a rare form of cerebral palsy. There currently is no cure but stem cell therapy is introducing hope for a reversal of its symptoms. While working with him, I quickly realized […]

Beauty and the Beast

San Pedro, Belize is a small Caribbean city located on an island; just a few miles from the second largest coral reef in the world. In the air or on the ground, the beauty of the sandy beaches with its cool, clear waves along with the stereotypical palm trees providing some shades from the warm […]

Motivation from Devastation: My Midpoint Report

  Halfway through my internship with Child Family Health International (CFHI) in India, my perspective of public health not only broadened my scope of the world intellectually and professionally but emotionally and spiritually. In the first three weeks of my program, I analyzed multiple Non-government organizations that provide healthcare resources and programs for member’s impoverished […]